About Lat.63






Non-urban art arena in latitude 63

The concept of the non-urban art arena stems from the idea that the country is often described on the basis of the normative urban concept in society, culture and sustainable development. The goal is to change this limited image by creating a meeting point, a laboratory for art, culture, performing arts, workshops, art projects and social debate for a sustainable present from a broader perspective.
Operations are based on the geographical location in the middle of Sweden and the Nordic region to expose the parallels in the cultural scene, combined with national and international art and culture. Lat.63 is a platform for a wide range of arts activities in cooperation with regional and national cultural institutions.
Activities are also linked to the cultural project North Cultitude 6263 that aims to create an active network along the 62nd and 63rd latitudes around the world within 10 years. Lat.63 is working to establish contacts and partnerships with the network of artists, cultural creators, architects, scientists and representatives from the private and public sectors.

Lat.63 art arena opened on the 3rd of October, 2015