Moving Art Project May 12-15th

Moving Art Project – the touring exhibition

Moving Art Project is a touring art exhibition, which offers about 100 of Sweden’s most promising and talented artists and creators.

When art is at its best, it has the power to inspire, provoke, surprise and create something in the viewer that remain long after the original designs have faded. Moving Art Project aims to make available this type of meetings, for both creative professionals as viewers.

May 12th-15th 2016, we have the pleasure to invite you to the touring exhibition Moving Art Project, which presents about 100 works from the most talented emerging and established artists in Sweden today.

Through a careful panel based selection, we would like to invite all visitors to a diverse and inspiring art experience with some of the best new works of painting, sculpture, photography, moving image, design, fashion, music and street art.

Date: Thursday May 12th – Sunday May 15th 2016

or text (+46)70-7317076

Moving Art Project